Heavenly whirlpools in Ammon Knight’s spiritual artworks

ammon-knight-contemporary-artistVia magnificently communicative paintings, the self-taught artist Ammon Knight is a truly unique artist. Comparing Knight’s results with artistic movements and creative trends is extremely challenging due to his distinctive method of blending colours into hazy dream-like shapes. 

This American gifted artist has always has one only desire: to bring harmony and happiness into other people’s lives. A difficult childhood has lead him to a promising artistic career that today culminates in prestigious exhibitions all around the world.


The viewers attempts to speculate on the subject of these atmospheric compositions but they never really grasp the core and the essence of the portrayed forms. The mystery in Ammon’s works continuously expands, encouraging the viewer to lose himself in labyrinths of meanings. Other times, the paintings allow the spectator to connect to the ominous aura within the paradisiacal vision. 

Ammon Knight’s distinctive circular motions that float in a dreamlike immersive vista, and the vibrant metaphormosis of this artist’s innate inspiration give the hypnotic illusion of elegant transparency and the perspective of infinite depth. Definitely, Ammon’s mesmerising creations illuminate one’s experience, fulfilling a sense of hope, serenity, peace and relaxation to the enthralled viewers gazing into his intimate world.