Barbara Hardmeier - The Power to Reveal Beauty



By Victoria Ludwig

Bravura and smartness – two elements found in the oeuvres by Barbara Hardmeier. Colorful abstracts and portraits, exclusive shapes and texture in a repeatedly collage like style, exceed expectations of art critiques while setting high benchmarks for the promising career of this magnificent artist.


Barbara’s background in martial arts is incidentally perceptible. Harmonious lines, positive and light colors and peaceful yet strong brushstrokes transmit meditative emotions. According to Barbara Hardmeier, meditation is the source of the flow, where art comes from. Her technical know- how contributes to the mood and aesthetic sensation given by the artist’s masterpieces of art. This, in combination with plenty of emotion establishes a solid bond between the viewer and the superb art piece – transformed into an unforgettable memory of joy.


Barbara Hardmeier has the power to reveal beauty by outstanding depth, smooth lines and texture enforced by a marvelous color palette. Whether it’s a doubtful looking Maria, an exceptional collage or abstract, one will be enchanted by the unique appearance and influence of Barbara Hardmeier’s masterpieces. Purples, pinks and blues visible in prevailing shapes create flawlessness and complete harmony.