London Art Biennale: a sensational, must-see event.

I have been collecting art for many many years now, I have attended numerous fairs, exhibitions and art rendez-vous in Europe and in the United States, but no event has left me so enthusiastic and pleased as the London Art Biennale, held last month in the elegant quarter of Chelsea. The setting was absolutely exquisite: no better venue could have been chosen to host such a prominent show than the sophisticated Victorian-styled Old Town Hall, with its lavish vaulted ceilings and majestic chandeliers. 

The Biennale was full of pleasant surprises: being an art lover and collector, it was very exciting for me to discover new artists… and what artists! Great talents, some widely established, some freshly graduated from art schools and academies, all sharing the passion for creativity and experimentation.

It was delightful to stand in front of such fantastic works, to admire the emotional intensity transmitted by each artist through their creations. Aelita Andre’s whirlpools of colors, surrealism a la Nicolette Ingeneeger, Carlos Leon Cruz’s play of lines and shapes are only a few examples of the artistic accomplishment and excellence witnessed at the Town Hall of Chelsea. 

Undoubtedly, credit goes to the curators too, who have played an essential role in the realisation of this majestic show that is the London Art Biennale.   

I am so looking forward to attending the Biennale in 2015: I am sure it will be again a sensational show and a way to appreciate new artistic genius. 

Roberta Amerini



Top images: London Art Biennale Logo and Inside the London Art Biennale

Image in the centre: Art Lovers and Enthusiasts at the London Art Biennale 

Images at the bottom: Inside the London Art Biennale