London Art Biennale 2015 - a moment to remember

by Shelley Leazer

From January 20th to the 25th the London Biennale, a premier collection of contemporary art work featuring 130 artists from 45 different nations, was shown in Chelsea. The event was held at the Old Town Hall, King's Road, providing a historical backdrop to showcase the best and most talented contemporary artists from all over the world. The mayor of Kensington and Chelsea was in attendance, and she viewed, along with over a thousand attendees, a carefully curated selection of art spanning oil painting to photography and sculpture. 
The exhibition was staged within the large rooms of the Town Hall, each hall having been carefully planned and organised for the greatest aesthetic and emotional impact. Viewers wandered through the rooms, and many were able to speak directly to the artist of the painting they admired, creating an atmosphere of education and community. In addition to the exhibition itself, there was a private auction benefiting the Salvation Army, as well as other events for the artists. Among the many artists represented in the Biennale was José Van Roy Dali, son of Salvador Dali, who confirms that the 2015 London Biennale displayed “an engaging and at times surprising array of contemporary art that can easily be defined as an international window into creativity the world over.”