Is Meir Salomon a new dimension to "De Stijl"?

Meir Salomon is a sublime artist! He experiments, he transforms the passion for his homeland (Israel) and for the Netherlands in pure colours and simple shapes.  
"The Stijl" and the theory of new art; "abstract, minimalist and geometric" is perfectly present in his stunning works.  However, he does not forget the figurative and he paints passages of extreme realism, where it is possible to recognise his religious ideal. Moreover, passages of the Bible, sacred symbols and the profound historical significance, such as the Star of David, are present in his extraordinary works.

In the series of drawings "Fire and Water" Salomon works as a sculptor who shapes the material, creating almost primordial structures that are simultaneously painting, sculpture and architecture.
In these pieces you feel the force of nature is active within the artist. The Greek-Roman 
classicism of the mouldings is a semantic bonding element between the formal synthesis and historical influences from which none of us can escape.
In observing these abstract sculptures you can avoid the power of the past and the novelty of the present represented by Salomon. His paintings are the result of study, meditation and instinctive feeling.  He has a taste for beauty and it is a pleasure to lose oneself in the choice of colours and forms, so simple and yet so clear.