Sinikka Elfving Breaking Through

Sinikka Elfving, an up-coming artist, whose talent is indisputable.  Enigmatic colors reflected in deep subjects, strong lines and texture enchant you,  embracing your mind with philosophical thoughts. Whether it is a floating boat,  a delightful Madonna or a cryptic forest,  wonderful colors, pleasing shapes,  enjoyable forms and magnificent lines draw a virtuous image on the basis of deep thoughts.

The artist relates her work to life, death and emotions. Feelings, which bond humanity.  In her biography,  Sinikka Elfving underlines the inefficiency of war and inequality while highlighting the supremacy of community and humanity. Subject matters touched upon by the artist address these topics with unique use of color and strong lines.

Curators of the Biennale of Chianciano spotted her talent.  The artist's masterpieces transmit nostalgia with  shapes,  lines and  colors used in an exceptional manner,  communicating cordiality and sovereignty. She was one of 120 artist from over 30 nations who exhibited at the Biennale of Chianciano 2013. Next to the Biennale, exhibition world wide mark the future of the talented artist.