Sinikka Elfving- selected by the Curator of the prestigious Biennale of Chianciano

What was still an insider’s tip yesterday, is known by worldwide art lovers today. It has been the third time that the Biennale of Chianciano was taking place in the heart of Tuscany. From the 7th until the 14th around 120 talents from more than 30 different nations exhibited their masterpieces at the Museum of Art of Chianciano – taking part were renowned local artists such as Anna Maria Artegiani or Giorgio Fileni as well as well- established international artists such as Lucas van Eeghen from the Netherlands, Kristi Rene from the US, Aelita Andre from Australia or Sinikka Elfving from Skandinavia.


Art professionals, lovers and artists were not only mesmerized by the masterpieces. The Chianciano Biennale served furthermore as a platform engaging one into a dazzling occasion to social- network, build relationships and exchange ideas with people from different cultures and backgrounds. A range of events invited international artists, experts and devotees to come together, discuss and prosper. One had the exceptional opportunity to broaden ones horizon, knowledge and experience by finding oneself in a unique environment, which comprises multi- national talent and passion for art at one vivid spot - in the heart of Tuscany, Chianciano Terme.


Sinikka Elfving was selected to be one of the 120 exhibiting artists. Her masterpieces gained a lot of attention by art professionals. Talent, passion and technique were evident in the artist's works pleasing the educated eyes of the viewer. An interview with one of the curators of the Biennale explains thoughts behind colors and forms used. Symbols are linked to emotions while figures are a reflection of you and me. The Biennale marked only the start of a promising career of a very talented artist and embracing personality.